EU Trademark

Do you have an image or logo that you wish to legally protect for your business? When you want to find more information about EU Trademarks, you can be confident in the knowledge and experience of our team here at the Trademarkroom. We are known as one of the top UK and EU trademark filers across the UK, and have been for a 3rd year in a row.When you enter a name you'd like to trademark on our website, we always recommend exploring your options in terms of a full trademark search and advice report even after the availability check search.

The Trademarkroom is led by Jane Coyle – a qualified and experienced solicitor who also works at Lawdit Solicitors. With her wide range of knowledge within trademark law, she is extremely helpful to business owners across the globe who wish to secure their identity.We are able to work with various clients in a great selection of industries. On a daily basis we are partnering up with businesses across the globe, hearing your business ideas and ensuring that your name, service and products are associated with your very own branding.

By using our EU Trademark search, we are happy to offer a UK/EU word search for free, whilst offering an intricate and effective trademark search, advice and reporting service. This includes a free consultation, registrability of your trademark, UK/EU/National EU country database search, full drafting of classes and assessment of likelihood success.

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