EU Trademark

For all businesses across the globe, it’s vital to find or create a brand which stands out. The key reason to standing out is so that when your company logo is seen, people automatically recognise it as your business. Your company image will be the face of your business; it’ll be the first point of contact with you and your potential clients – so securing your trademark across the globe is vital.
When you require expert trademark support, you can always rely on our expertise here at the Trademarkroom. We are able to search and advise for UK trademarks, EU trademark and U. S. trademarks.

At the Trademarkroom, we've worked for many clients across the globe. Working with such a diverse selection of businesses has allowed us to gain years of experience searching for trademarks, and supporting you with the process of ensuring your image, wording or picture has not been used and then can be rightfully yours. There are many positives to using our expertise, and the main appeals to using our trademark services include our free trademark search and advice report, international filing, no charge for extra classes, discount on multiple orders, a bespoke service to design and brand agencies, and we love hearing about new business ideas, start-ups, products or services.

To find out more about our trademark services, please continue to our website. We’re confident in our services and we’d be more than happy to help.

If you want to register an American trademark, then allow our in-house U.S. attorney help you. 

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