Gain An International Trademark

Do you want to gain an international trademark for your company logo, image or slogan? When you wish to gain the right recognition for your work, you can rely on our expertise here at the Trademarkroom to ensure we follow all the correct steps to gain your international trademark.

Trademarks can be registered across the globe; whether solely in the UK, throughout the European Union or internationally outside of the EU, we have the aptitude and knowledge to complete the trademarking process accurately for you and your business.

For any business or individual, you need to ensure that your logo is lawfully yours, and the best way to achieve this is by obtaining the support of a reliable trademark company. All businesses differ, whether they are performing on a national scale or they operate across the globe. Our trademarking expertise are available to all companies.

If your business is looking to extend its services into Europe or further afield outside of Europe, then a trademark registration is integral to ensuring your logo is rightfully yours and protected. A UK trademark does not protect the use of a mark throughout a European community, but solely for the United Kingdom. If your business is extending its services, then it could be worthwhile registering a European trademark or an international trademark.

Find out more today about our UK, European and International trademark registrations by browsing our website. 

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