Global Trademark

Are you a new or rising business which performs on a global scale and need to ensure that your imagery is rightfully yours? By using our expertise here at the Trademarkroom, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your logo, wording or image is trademarked and exclusively available to you. For global trademark support, look no further.

Your brand should be lawfully yours and only available to you and your business. There is always the threat that when you develop an identity that other people may use it, but this is not right, and that is why we’re here. Our trademark services are available on a global scale, ranging from the UK, across Europe and in the U.S. – you will be able to obtain the right for your personal image with our expert legal team.

Whether you are looking to register your trademark or you wish to conduct a search on pre-existing marks to ensure yours is unique and distinctive, then we can complete this for you.

By working with our professional legal team, you can receive personalised guidance on the formal procedures that must be completed if someone invades, copies or uses your established trademark.

With exceptional standards of customer care, we endeavour to gain the results you need quickly and effectively.

Learn more today by looking through our website and reading through our free trademark guides