How To Protect My Trademark

If you don’t protect your trademark, you have no rights if someone else chooses to use it and this can cause problems for your business. Many people believe that it is enough to register the company name and domain, but you also need to protect your trademark too and this is where we can help at Trademarkroom.

What we do

We offer a free trademark search, so you know if your trademark will be accepted. We can also help advise you on your trademark application and trademark registration and how to understand if you are fully protected. We can also help you take action if you find that someone else is using your trademark. We offer bespoke packages, which are ideal if you need to check a few trademarks, before deciding on which one to use.

Get in touch

We offer a free telephone consultation, which is good as an initial step to find out more about you and whether the service will be right for you. If you have a query, you can drop us a line via the contact form on our website or you can reach us on 02380 000 190. Alternatively, email us at Your trademark is part of your brand, so make sure it is protected by getting in touch with us today!

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