How To Register A Name Worldwide

Are you wondering how to register a name worldwide? If you are looking to begin a trademark application, you may be feeling slightly intimidated by the process; but with the specialist support of a trusted trademark expert, you can feel confident that you will be able to register a name worldwide – ensuring that your name, wording or logo is protected.

Here at the Trademarkroom, we have worked with thousands of businesses across the globe. Our aim has always been the same – to provide a thorough, sufficient and comprehensive trademark service. Our effortless service effectively allows business owners across the UK to care less about the needless worries of trademarking. We want you to focus on the practicalities of it, focussing on achieving a positive report and completing the trademark application successfully.

We have years of experience within the laws of trademarking, and we’d be more than happy to support you in securing your international trademark.

We offer a wide range of trademarking services to suit you – we can complete and provide a Comprehensive Trademark Search, Fast Trademark Registration, Free Telephone Consultation, U.S. Trademarks, act on behalf of any oppositions, cease & desist others using your mark, contracts and much more.

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