Trademark a Business Name

Do you need to trademark a business name as a matter of urgency? By using our professional trademark registration and search services here at the Trademarkroom, we guarantee the ability to complete a trademark application without too much hassle.

Whether you have questions or doubts about the trademark process, you can always rely on our expertise. For the third year running, we are known as the top UK and EU trademark filers, offering a comprehensive service suited to all clients. There are many benefits to choosing our expertise, these include free trademark search and advice reports for the UK & EU, qualified solicitor advice including a US attorney, international filing, discount on multiple orders, and a bespoke service to design and brand agencies to name just a few benefits.

Getting a trademark for your business name can be extremely intimidating. There are many established businesses who are still pondering the option of obtaining a trademark for their business logo, slogan or identity; but it's an integral step to take in securing what is rightfully yours. We're an experienced firm and are confident we can secure your trademark; having previously secured UK trademarks, EU trademarks and U.S. trademarks.

Find out more today about registering a trademark worldwide by calling us on 02380 000190.