Trademark EUIPO

Do you want to know if your trademark is already being used, or if your own trademark is being copied? By allowing us to help you, we can complete a number of searches for you, and ensure that you receive the results you wish to achieve. With a Trademark EUIPO Search, you can locate similar or identical trademarks. There are many Trademark EUIPO search processes on the internet, but knowing which ones you can trust is the biggest problem. By using our expert personnel here at the Trademarkroom, you will be able to effortless find trademarks and even begin the process of securing your own trademark.

With a EUIPO Trademark Search, you can use a search tool which will allow you to search trademarks within the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). You can usually search with a trademark name or registration number, but there are many factors to consider when completing this search. Fortunately, we as a team are highly experienced with the process and will be able to complete a sufficient trademark search for you.

Receive our free Trademark Guide by filling out your details on our Trademark Guide submission form – here you can find out more information about trademarks and the process of finding and securing one. 

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