Trademark Registration Service

Trademarking can be intimidating if you haven’t needed to trademark a phrase or logo before. With our trademark registration service at Trademarkroom, you can discover what is needed to ensure your company legally owns your brand.

Without a trademark, your company has no rights to take action against a competing business that is using your logo. By using our trusted firm to work with you on registering your trademark, we can use our expertise to help you obtain your logo or image for your company; giving your business a trademark that protected legally.

Our services have been helping clients across the UK for over 18 years. Overtime we have expanded our services to reach not only UK customers, but Europe and US businesses as well. With our in-house US attorney, we can assist companies who are looking to expand their services and need to make sure their trademark is protected overseas.

Don’t delay choosing our solicitors at Trademarkroom today and improve your chances of successfully registering your trademark.

To find out more about our trademark registrations services, or if you would like to book your free consultation, you can give us a call on 0800 862 0370. Alternatively, you can email us