Trademark Search

Do you wish to complete a trademark search in the UK, EU and USA? Here at the Trademarkroom, we are highly experience in searching for trademarks across the globe. Not only that, we’re extremely passionate about helping businesses and independent clients to ensure that their original branding or logo is lawfully theirs. If you need support in the trademark application, trademark search or trademark registration process, look no further.

As an English based trademark company, we are not limited to offering our trademark services to UK based clients. When you require a trademark search or registration outside of the UK, you can still utilise our experience staff to complete your trademark requirements with the highest amount of care.

With an in-depth service, we are able to support you with EU Trademarks and U.S. Trademarks. In terms of the registration of your trademark, when it is first published, there is a brief period where an opposition can oppose your mark and raise their concern over it. We're more than happy to deal with this, if it were to occur during your trademark registration. We're also able to assist with ceasing and desisting, which means that if you discover someone is using your trademark without your consent, we can stop them. We can also help with contracts for your trademarks and we're able to support you in designing your bespoke brand or logo.

Find out more today by browsing through our website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call on 02380 000190. 

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