Trademark Watch

If you’re looking to register your own trademark for a business logo, please get in touch with us here at the Trademarkroom.

As part of our trademark services, we provide a trademark watch service, which allows us to locate any similar trademark already published or is currently being filed by competitors, and ensure you reach a positive outcome. Our other services include a Trademark Search, Fast Trademark Registration, Free Telephone Consultation and U.S. Trademark services.

The Trademarkroom was established in 1999, making us one of the longest recognised trademark specialist companies in the UK. We know legal documentation can often be perplexing, so we’re on hand to offer responsive and qualified solicitor advice to assist you along every step of the way. We are also proud to have a 99% success rate, so you can be confident your trademark will be accepted.

We also pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of service at an affordable price. Our Price Match Promise means that if you can find a quote cheaper than ours (but we’re confident you won’t!), then we’ll be more than happy to match it with an extra 10% off.

To find out more information or to sign up for our free trademark guides, please browse through our website now.

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