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  • Posted by Jane Coyle on May 16, 2013 / Posted in Trade Marks
    Trademark Facts for your Business
    Registering company names and domain names does not provide trade mark protection.  Consumers rely on brands every day of their lives, sometimes without even thinking about it.  Trade marks provide consumers with that essential guarantee as to the origin of the goods.  Reasons to protect your brand with a registered your trademark:   Helps you to protect your business identity.  It protects you against others using the same or similar trade marks.  It [...]
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  • Posted by Jane Coyle on May 14, 2013 / Posted in Trade Marks
    If you use the Trademarkroom as your agent- ANY official document will come through us.
    May of our clients have been receiving false invoices and although we always warn against this- some still pay it! Below are some examples. A list of letters from firms or registers, which users have complained are misleading, is published below for your information. Please note that these services are not connected with any official trade mark or design registration services provided by public bodies within the European Union such as OHIM or the UKIPO. If you receive a letter or invoice [...]
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  • Posted by Jane Coyle on May 03, 2013 / Posted in Trade Marks
    What should I do if someone uses my trademark?
    As a trade mark owner you have the exclusive right to use your trademark. The registered trade mark gives you the right to prevent the use of your trademark in the course of trade by a third party without your consent.   These are the following steps that should consider when you suspect someone is using your trade mark. 1.)   Contact the infringer – you should first contact the infringer to see if the matter can be resolved amicably.   This would firstly require you [...]
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  • Posted by Jane Coyle on May 01, 2013 / Posted in Trade Marks
    Levi settles trade mark dispute
    The famous jean marker Levi Strauss has recently settled a dispute regarding the well know patch of red cloth stitched on the back pocket of all of its jeans. The company accused Colloseum Holdings a Swiss company for infringing its trade mark rights. The Swiss company had been selling jeans with very similar shaped red cloth with its own brand name stitched into the back pocket. Levi Strauss argued that the red label was internationally recognised by consumers as a sign of jeans made by the [...]
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