The Intellectual Property Office IP Crime and Enforcement 2018 to 2019 Report has been released, which addresses extant and emerging threats relating to counterfeiting and piracy, including those conducted online, and highlights statistical data and information on enforcement activities. A separate supplement with a sample of IP related case studies from Trading Standards is also included.

The Government's own Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) is a not for profit trade association, created in the 80s to help respond to the growing global threat of counterfeiting.

ACG’s membership comprises over 150 international businesses, which represent more than 3,000 global brands. Yes they are the big boys and yes they can be quite heavy in their approach to counterfeits but when you factor in that the fashion industry alone contributes £32.3 billion to UK GDP in 2017....its perhaps time we, the public start to take this seriously. 

The report can be found here