A professional poker player has appeared on a trade mark application

Posted by Jane on August 28, 2015 / Posted in News
Blitz NV has filed a trade mark application in the US consisting of Dan Bilzerian’s portrait.

Dan Bilzerian is a professional poker player, actor and social media personality. His Instagram account shows pictures of him with assault rifles, women in bikinis and even sat on a throne next to a lion! However, Dan Bilzerian is not limited to Instagram; he appears on Facebook, Twitter and even on a trade mark application.

On the 19th June 2015 a trade mark application was filed in the US by Blitz NV for clothing, footwear and headgear (serial number 86668895). The description of the trade mark “consists of a portrait of Dan Bilzerian in a rectangular frame, with the stylized wording ‘GOAT’ located in the bottom portion of the rectangular frame below the portrait”.

Public records indicate that Blitz NV is owned by Goat Works, Goat Works is a limited liability company that is owned by...Dan Bilzerian.  Thus it appears that Blitz NV is attempting to trade mark its owners, owners face.

At the moment the application is yet to be assigned to an examiner, when it has been assigned the examiner will search for conflicting marks, perhaps a search for conflicting faces would be more suited for this application! Any amendments, documents and foreign registrations will also be examined to determine if the mark is eligible for registration.

Blitz NV already owns the word only trade mark in the US for “Dan Bilzerian”, naturally a portrait of the man himself with the word “GOAT” below is the next step. 

By Sam O'Toole

Jane Coyle
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