Affordable Trademarks for Start-ups

Posted by Jane on September 22, 2015 / Posted in Trade Marks
How to Protect Your Brand; Affordable Trademarks for Start-ups

Affordable Trademarks for Start-ups

There are so many things to think about when setting up a new business and whilst trademarks should be one of them it’s often a neglected aspect.

Why protecting your brand at the start of your business venture is so important:

  1. It’s unlikely that you will have built up sufficient reputation or goodwill will to rely on unregistered rights in the event of trademark infringement (a third party using your brand without your consent). Without a registered trademark it will be difficult to provide evidence of use demonstrating that you own the mark.
  2. If it’s relatively early on in your project and a similarly conflicting mark is identified it may be easier now to change the name then in 5 years time.
  3. We offer discounts for start ups. Our usual filing fee is £150.00+VAT in the UK. If you having been in business for less than a year- we will reduce this to £125.00+VAT (govt fee on top of this)

Let us help you protect your brand. Many start-ups ‘put it off’ at their peril. Contact for a free consultation.

Jane Coyle
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