Ariana Grande’s Trade Mark Infringement Case with Forever 21

Posted by Michael on September 10, 2019 / Posted in Trade Marks
Ariana Grande has brought forward a Trade Mark Infringement Case with Forever 21 costing $10 million


Ariana Grande has brought forward a trade mark lawsuit against Forever 21.


Forever 21 have falsely used Ariana Grande on around 30 images and videos used in conjunction with their clothing brand. Forever 21 have been accused of misappropriating Ariana’s name, image, likeness and music. In one case, even using her latest song ‘7 rings’ for a clothing campaign (run by the founder’s daughters) but have replaced Ariana with a ‘double’.


The striking resemblance was picked up by a number of viewers and formed the basis of Ariana’s Trade Mark infringement case. Ariana sued for a cost of $10 Million.


This suit has been sent to the federal courts of Los Angeles.


It has been noted that this is not the first issue that has been encountered between Ariana and Forever 21. Previous news reports have stated a breakdown of agreements between the two parties when Ariana talked about the possibility of a joint marketing campaign but Forever 21 refused to pay for Ariana.


Despite numerous reports on this lawsuit, Forever 21 have yet to release a comment.  


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By Anna Orchard

Michael Coyle
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