Back to basics: why register a trade mark?

Posted by Jane on February 22, 2017 / Posted in Trade Marks
You may think that trade marks and protecting IP is only for big corporations, the impact on a small business can surprise you.

Any business with a brand name or a logo can potentially have a registered trade mark.

A registered trade mark allows you to prevent any other person using your brand name or one similar that may cause confusion.

In simple terms, it allows you to build your business and create a reputation safe in the knowledge that no one can impose on that.

Copycats will try to either damage a reputation or confuse the public into thinking they are the genuine product by using a similar brand name.

With a registered trade mark you can stop this with ease, by starting infringement proceedings.

Without a registered trade mark, you may be fighting a losing battle. All is not lost as there is a way to prove superiority over a mark if you can show you have been using it for a longer period of time and have developed a connection between yourself and the mark, but this can be time consuming and expensive.

Registration fees for a UK registered trade mark are as follows:

UK Intellectual Property Office set fees for the application: £170 (for one class of goods or services)

The Trademarkroom fees to ease you through the application and to solve any issues along the way: £200 plus VAT

This investment will save you further time and expense if issues later arise.

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By Ellis Sweetenham

Jane Coyle
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