Benefits of getting a trademark for your logo or brand

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Benefits of trademarking your logo or business name

Your logo or business name may be your most valuable asset to your company. If someone trades under a similar or identical name to you; consumers will be confused about which company the goods or services originated from; resulting in lost revenue. Registering your trade mark gives you the exclusive right to use your mark for the goods and/or services that it covers in the United Kingdom (UK), reducing the competition that your company may have by distinguishing each business.

From a commercial point of view; registering your trade mark will have many advantages:

  • Will put people off from using your trade mark without permission; therefore making your brand even more distinctive;
  • You will be able to licence, sell or franchise your trade mark if desired;
  • Provides a much greater level of protection; for instance: If someone is using your trade mark without permission ,it is much easier to take legal action against them if the trade mark is registered,
  • and allows Trading Standards Officers or Police to bring criminal charges against counterfeiters if they use your trade mark.
  • Will prevent others from claiming that you have infringed on their trade mark;
  •  Registering a trademark provides official notice to others that a trademark is already taken; consequently, a company that later adopts a confusingly similar trademark cannot claim ignorance of the mark.

In 2011 the Intellectual Property Office produced a report on the incentives of registering a trade mark. The findings indicated that companies with a trade mark were on average 21% more productive than those who don’t use one.  Additionally, firms who use a trade mark have a higher margin of employees and rate of growth in turnover; 6% faster than those who trade without a registered mark.

In conclusion; the benefits of registering a trade mark are infinite. A registered trade mark provides a greater level of protection; both legally and commercially, whilst distinguishing the brand from similar traders. Statistics from the IPO also indicate better productivity and faster rate of growth than companies who do not use a trade mark. Please view the full 2011 report at:

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Written by: Saowanee Kristin

Jane Coyle
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