Beyoncé in twin trade mark bid

Posted by Jane on July 03, 2017 / Posted in Trade Marks
Yet another celebrity attempt to monopolise on their offspring

Previously reported on the Trademarkroom’s blog, Beyoncé and Jay Z. arguably the most famous parents in the music industry, made a bid to register their daughter’s name as a trade mark. Their daughter, Blue Ivy was born in 2012, and the pair sought to protect her name in a business sense not long after her entrance to the world.

However, Blue Ivy Company who are an events company put a big stumbling block in the way of that, and opposed the application.

Undeterred by their previous failure, it seems the pair do not want to waste any time protecting their new offsprings’ names.

Beyoncé gave birth to twins last month and an application has been filed for the protection of two names, rumoured to be the names of said twins.

BGK Trademark Holdings, who previously filed the ‘Blue Ivy’ mark, has made an application to protect ‘Sir Carter’ and ‘Rumi’ for fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls, rattles and novelty items.

There has been no official confirmation from the Cater family camp of the twins names, but it seems their business haste may have let the cat out of the bag…

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By Ellis Sweetenham

Jane Coyle
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