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Posted by TMR on May 02, 2019 / Posted in Trade Marks
When submitting your application, you must indicate which goods or which services you would like it to cover.

When registering a trade mark, it is impossible to register your brand name for every type of goods and every service available.

This would create a monopoly over that name and would ultimately prevent businesses from expanding and adapting.

Therefore, when submitting your application, you must indicate which goods or which services you would like it to cover.

All goods and services are categorised into classes, where like goods and like services are grouped together for ease of registration.

You can register your mark in more than one class, but this does increase your cost.

What is important is that you register your mark in the right classes to ensure that you are fully protected in the area in which you trade and you do not waste your registration.

While a UK trade mark is a cost-effective way to ensuring you build a strong brand, it should not be a wasted expense.

Therefore, trade mark experts, The Trademarkroom are here to help to ensure your mark is fully protected.

Classes are split into classes of goods which are listed in classes 1 to 34 and classes of services listed in classes 35 to 45.

Each class heading does not include all that can be covered by that class but does give a general indication as to what that class will cover.

While you may be clear on the classes you will need to include as your business stands right now, it is important to also look ahead.

With trade mark protection lasting a period of 10 years, as well as the possibility of renewal, it is important to consider what may need to be included as your business expands. Once your trade has been granted for certain classes, you will have to submit a new application if you want to extend to other goods or services.

Therefore, to save the double expense, a consideration of future progression with experts The Trademarkroom is recommended.

To kick start an application, contact The Trademarkroom team today.

By Ellis Sweetenham

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