Don't jump the gun: start with a search!

Posted by Jane on December 05, 2018 / Posted in Trade Marks
You may be fooled into thinking that you need to jump into filing the application. It is important that you start with a search.

The biggest drawback for a new business in relation to trade mark, as opposed to an established business, is not only finances and resources but the lack of reputation and goodwill.

This means that you will not have unregistered rights in the brand you are trying to create which will help you fight against brand copy cats.

Therefore, it is best to ensure that you have your brand secured through registration before pushing your brand out into the industry, in a bid to minimise the chance of coming across a similar mark to yours already with some power behind it.

You therefore need to execute your trade application properly.

This means it is vital you instruct The Trademarkroom to conduct a full search before you proceed.

For a mere £100 (plus VAT), you can be rest assured that every existing mark in the area for which you want to registered has been considered in light of your proposed mark and you will receive a detailed report on your position moving forward with your application.

You need to ensure that there is not a substantially similar or identical mark which has already been registered. These brands will block your application moving forward, and if you have been using the mark before registration you may be hit with a trade mark infringement claim also.

Therefore, you are in the best position you can be if you allow The Trademarkroom to take the case off your hands and ensure that the application is filed in the best form it can and you are in the best chance of success before the application is considered.

Of course, there is no guarantee that any application will succeed as the examination process is subjective, but for a business friendly fixed fee, why not ensure that the experts have your best interests in hand moving forward.

For more information or to proceed with your trade mark journey, contact The Trademarkroom today.

By Ellis Sweetenham

Jane Coyle
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