Expert Trademark Search and Advice Report.

Posted by Jane on March 10, 2016 / Posted in Trade Marks
Expert Trademark Search and Advice Report. Get Free Trademark Search and Advice report for the UK or EU

Expert Trademark Search and Advice Report.

As part of our UK/EU Trademark package we will provide you with a free expert trademark review and will provide you with important information about your trademark.

We will search the relevant trademark databases to see if your chosen trademark name is available. The Trademarkroom will provide details of identical and similar marks that may pose a threat to your trademark application. We will let you know who they are, where their brand is registered and if they will be notified about your trademark application.

Trademark Law

Your trademark name will have to comply with trademark law in your chosen territory- not all trademarks are eligible for registration. We will give you our expert opinion on whether your proposed trademark meets the necessary criteria to function as a trademark and be accepted by the Trademark Registry. As appropriate, we will give you advice on how to improve chances of a successful registration.

Sensible Trademark Advice

All trademark fees are non refundable. If we advise you to proceed and your mark fails under absolute grounds you will be eligible for a refund of our legal fees only. If we don’t think your trademark application will succeed- we will tell you why and help you to increase its chances of success.

Once we have filed your application we will provide you with ongoing support.

We’ll make sure you file your application in the right classes- and offer advice on goods/services you may need in the future.

We’ll keep you fully updated and send you the certificate plus advice on using your brand effectively moving forward.

We can provide trademark searches internationally- please contact us for a quote.

Jane Coyle
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