Fancy a Papple? Papple trademark agreement

Posted by Jane on May 08, 2014 / Posted in Trade Marks
Fancy a Papple? Papple trademark agreement

The Associated International Group of Nurseries (AIGN®), has signed an agreement on the use of the ‘Papple’ trademark with Worldwide Fruit, an international fruit marketing and distribution company specializing chiefly in the supply of apples and pears to major UK multiple retailers.

Papple™, which has the varietal name of PremP109, was recently harvested in New Zealand and retailed in the UK.

Marketed under the taglines “A Papple A Day Keeps the Doctor .  .  . Baffled” and “Papple, Experience the moment™”

It’s no surprise the Papple™ may be compared by some to an apple in looks with its bright red/orange blush covering a lemon background. Those ‘apple-like’ features are indeed attractive when in reality it’s a member of the pear family and is a Chinese-Japanese cross.

Worldwide Fruit, with headquarters in Spalding and Kent, is one of the UK’s largest fruit marketing companies with areas of expertise in apples, pears and avocados. It works with growers from every part of the globe.

Worldwide Fruit will have planted 15,000 Papple trees in the UK by the end of Winter in 2015.

Jane Coyle
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