Filing an International Trademark. How much does it cost?

Posted by Jane on April 15, 2013 / Posted in Trade Marks
Filing an International Trademark. How much does it cost?

We are often asked how much it costs to file a ‘worldwide’ trademark? The starting point here is that there is no ‘worldwide’ trademark! However we can file a trademark on your behalf through the Madrid Protocol System and over 70 countries are signed up to this agreement.

How much does it cost?

The cost to apply depends on which or how many countries you want your trade mark to be protected in.

For any international application you will have to pay:

  • a basic fee.
  • additional fees if your mark is in colour
  • additional fees if your mark contains more than 3 classes (in certain cases you may have to pay extra fees for more than one class of goods or services).
  • a fee for each country you want protection in. Fees differ from country to country
  • UK handling fee of £40 for us to process the application form MM2

In addition to this we will charge you a fee for filing the application per country and our fee will depend on how many countries you wish to file in. We generally charge £350.00+VAT as a guide. Please contact us for a more accurate quote.

Alternatively we can file direct in any country of your choice. We have US/Chinese and Indian attorneys on hand to answer you questions.

Jane Coyle
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