Filing trade marks in the UK

Posted by Jane on August 28, 2015 / Posted in Trade Marks
We can file your UK Trademark Application with the UK IPO

All being well with the search results and advice we will file at the UK IPO.  Although the UK IPO registration process takes roughly 4 months, a registered trade mark dates from the day you file the application.  We typically file within 24 hours.

The UK IPO Examiner will not refuse a trade mark registration because of any previous trade mark.  What s/he will do is ‘notify’ the owners of similary confusing marks, who must file an ‘Opposition’.

If an Examiner finds a previous trade mark  we can argue or amend your application to try to avoid  notifications.

Whether a previous owner files an ‘Opposition’ cannot be predicted.  If they do, or there has been an Opposition we can argue, amend your application or negotiate for you with the other owner.

If you have any hopes to file internationally we will ensure you get the coverage you need.  In many cases you will need a ‘home’ registered trade mark first, and you will have 6 months to claim the same filing date.

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