How do I get an EU Trademark Application?

Posted by Jane on November 26, 2015 / Posted in Trade Marks
How do I get an EU Trademark Application? How to get your brand registered as a trademark

How do I get an EU Trademark Application?

If you are trading outside the UK you should protect your brand with a registered CTM- Community Trademark.

1. Is my trademark available?

All trademark application fees are non refundable. This means that you pay 900 Euro for up to 3 classes even if your trademark is unavailable! We can carry out a trademark search and advice report for either £50+VAT for advice on the UK and CTM registers OR £100+VAT to advise on the TM View- this takes into account the individual EU country registers. We will also draft the classes appropritae to the goods or services you offer in the report.

2. Is my trademark registrable?

Not all trademarks will be accepted and your mark has to comply with EU Trademark Law. For example if I am establishing a new mobile application called Mobile Applications- it will be rejected for being too descriptive! If I call it #TMR Mobile Application it would pass the Absolute Grounds stage- in other words it can function as a trademark.

3. Use an agent such as The Trademarkroom to file your application. We are professionals and we know what we are doing. Like most legal services such as conveyancing- you can do it yourself or pay an expert to do it for you! We will charge you £300+VAT fixed fee to file the mark and then represent you should questions from OHIM arise. Please note that if an opposition is raised and you wish to challenge this opposition, extra fees will be incurred.

4. Once the application has been filed and the fees paid- you can rely on us to communicate with you on the progress of your trademark application.

5. If no oppositions are raised your EU mark will be fully registered in about 4-8 months time and we will send you a copy of your certificate.

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