How do I Trademark my Brand or Logo

Posted by Jane on April 14, 2016 / Posted in Trade Marks
How do I trademark my brand, logo or company name. If you have a brand you should protect it with a trademark and the Trademarkroom can do this for you

If you have a brand name or logo then you should seriouly think about protecting it with a registered trademark.

By appying for a trademark in the country where you are trading, if successful you will legally own your brand name or logo  (or both) which is a great assest for any individual or business.

If you are trading in the UK only then you can apply for a UK Registered Trademark. You can do this through the UKIPO.

The basic fee is£170 nil vat. If you go through an expert agency such as the Trademarkroom we will charge you £200+VAT. This is a fixed fee for any number of classes and includes an expert pre filing trademark search and advice report. We will remain your agent over the life of your appllication and beyond.

If you are trading in the EU then you can apply for an EU Trademark through the EUIPO.

Our fee is £350+VAT for any number of classses including our fee pre fling trademark search and advice report. EUIPO will then charge you a basic fee of 850 Euro- which increases the more classes you have.

The Trademarkroom can also file your trademark internationally.

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