The importance of carrying out a trade mark search

Posted by TMR on July 18, 2019 / Posted in Trade Marks
A trade mark search is one of the most crucial steps in the trade mark registration process.

A trade mark search is one of the most crucial steps in the trade mark registration process.

Carrying out a search prior to applying for your proposed mark can have a huge impact on minimizing the level of risk of refusal. Doing this search could also give you an indication as to whether your proposed mark already exists, and whether it is owned by someone else.

A trade mark search is available in a number of different forms - ultimately, this will save you expenses and time in the long run and more importantly, prevent any potential future infringement claims that could affect you or your business.

What do you need to submit a search?

All you need to know is the exact word or logo you would like to get trademarked.  You can contact us at the Trademarkroom today where we offer both a free basic search and a much more detailed advanced search.  We strongly recommend the advanced trade mark search which will give you much more detailed results and greater indication on the chances you stand in making a successful application. This search carries a small fee of £100 + VAT and will check all databases of your proposed marks to see if there are any existing trade marks that may be deemed identical or similar, and more. 

Ensuring to carry out these searches will not only save you on time, but will undoubtedly give you a better idea of your success chances in moving forward with your application.

If you are thinking of trade marking your brand, or have any queries in relation to trade marks, why not contact the Trademarkroom today where we will be more than happy to assist you!

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