Intellectual Property Challenge for 14-18 years olds from the UKIPO

Posted by Jane on October 23, 2013 / Posted in Trade Marks
Would you work for free?

Do you feel you should be rewarded for your ideas?

Every time a song or album is illegally downloaded someone, somewhere is working for free.

Musicians and bands are paid for the work they do. When their song is played on the radio, heard in the background in Eastenders or performed at a live event, a fee, usually of a few pence, is paid to a collecting agent (PRS in the UK) and shared between the musician, songwriter and record company.

When songs are downloaded for free, or not identified to be owned by the original creator, they are not being rewarded for their efforts and are effectively working for free.

It is only a few pence each song so does it matter? Yes! A few pence can add up to a significant amount over a year. And with less money – new bands cannot be launched; tours cannot be run and music will start sounding the same!

What we want from you!

We want you to create a storyboard (of 6 scenes), or a 90 second film telling us how music artists are rewarded for their creativity.

To enter, you must be aged between 14 and 18 on the closing date, 21 March 2014. Once you have created your film or storyboard, upload your entry to our facebook page External Link or your own youtube site sending us the link, or email your storyboard to

Schools and Colleges

Enter your school or college and you could be in line to win specialist software!

As part of your entry you need to present your storyboard or film to your peers. You could upload your storyboard to your intranet and track the visits to your page, or show your video as part of an assembly or class project, documenting how many people attended. All you need to do is then is get your teacher or lecturer to fill in our special form for schools and colleges and either upload the entry to our facebook page External Link or your own youtube site sending us the link, or email your storyboard to

  • Entry Form for Schools and Colleges (coming soon)

What’s in it for me?

We have lined up some exciting prizes including unique industry experiences, gig tickets and music download vouchers. Keep checking back for the most up to date information on what you could win!

Jane Coyle
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