What is in the IP future in 2017?

Posted by Jane on January 11, 2017 / Posted in Trade Marks
Following from an eventful 2016, IP will continue to be a prominent feature in 2017.

Many disputes and events that occurred in 2016 will come to further light in the coming year along with new challenges and new development.

The major change coming into the New Year on everybody’s lips is Brexit. With the UK’s future still relatively unknown, it is hard to make any predictions on how the intellectual property connection between the UK and the EU will develop. What is for sure is that new trade marks registered in the EU will no longer have protection rights in the UK when Brexit negotiations come to an end and the split continues. In the period between now and then, it is unclear how the UK will be affected.

The Trademarkroom will continue to keep you updated on future developments as they become clear and are here to assist you will any concerns you may have. Our clients are our focus so we are here to help in all your trade mark needs or concerns.

Trade marks have also had an international boost following the development and sophistication of the Chinese system. Moving away from its previous reputation of being off the trade mark ball and relaxed about trade mark protection and enforcement, China have implemented a newer stricter system. This has sparked a higher level of applications. This is good news for any business that were previously reluctant to expand in China as they seem to be giving more protection for brands who are affected by copycats.

In other IP news, Patents and designs are continuing to rise in popularity. Famous cases that have received a high level of media coverage such as the Apple v Samsung patent battle and the Trunki design case. This has also sparked a rise in the use of these protections.

Intellectual Property is becoming better known therefore this should spark a better system worldwide.

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By Ellis Sweetenham

Jane Coyle
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