Is a trade mark search necessary?

Posted by Jane on February 08, 2017 / Posted in Trade Marks
If you are looking to register a trade mark, it is not best to jump straight into it.

If you are looking to register a trade mark, it is not best to jump straight into it.

Trade marks are valuable therefore you need to ensure you are putting in the effort at the beginning to ensure you are not losing out.

The number of brands being protected across the UK is increasing by the day therefore it is essential you do not try and protect a brand that is owned by someone else.

To do this, you need submit a trade mark search.

The Trademarkroom can make the process very simple for you.

We can offer you a number of different searches, depending on your budget and the level of detail you need.

  1. Free search- we can offer a free trade mark search that we recommend being your starting point; this will give a general idea of whether it is best to pursue your application. It is not best however, to rely on this as it is a general search rather than a specific one
  2. Advanced UK/EU search – this is our recommended search. This will give you the best information about existing UK/EU trade marks. This is much more in depth than the free search and The Trademarkroom deems it an essential before proceeding with an application.
  3. Other countries search- we can also offer a detailed search in the jurisdiction of your choice. These include the US and Canada. Again this is essential if you are looking to branch out in your trade mark protection, especially if you are not quite as familiar with the local brands there.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Jane Coyle at The Trademarkroom.

By Ellis Sweetenham

Jane Coyle
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