Lego hits fellow toy company like a tonne of bricks with IP claim

Posted by Jane on December 19, 2018 / Posted in Trade Marks
One of the most famous toy brands in the world, Lego Group have certainly built up a strong IP portfolio.

One of the most famous toy brands in the world, Lego Group have certainly built up a strong IP portfolio.

They have extended this portfolio to show its true depth in their latest claim against Zuru.

Zuru is a toy company based in New Zealand and have been operating since 2004.

Lego has made a number of claims against a number of Zuru’s products.

Firstly, Lego claim that Zuru have produced and sell products that are confusingly and substantially similar to their Lego Minifigure figurine.

Lego’s figurine is protected by numerous US copyright registrations and a number of registered trade marks.

Lego claims that Zuru’s Max Build More 15 figure sets infringe these registrations, which are being sold on Zuru’s own website but also sold in third party stores such as Walmart.

In addition, Lego claim that their design rights for building blocks have also been infringed. In addition, Lego have a number of trade marks registered for their building blocks that were also included in the claim.

Citing Zuru’s Max Build More Building Bricks sets, Lego again claim these products are infringing on a number of rights.

Lego also have issue with a third product of Zuru’s, their Mayka Toy Block Tape packaging which Lego claim infringes Lego’s Friends toy line. Infringement is claimed in respect of both copyright and trade marks and centres on the imaging used.

The claim doesn’t stop there as Lego claim that Zuru has copied Lego’s colour scheme, being red yellow, black and white and are therefore infringing Lego’s trade dress and this is likely to cause confusion.

As a remedy to this, Lego are looking for damages, injunctive relief, profits, destruction of infringing toys and legal fees.

While Zuru seem quite a big outfit, if this claim is successful on all counts, they are certainly going to take a big hit- watch this space!

By Ellis Sweetenham

Jane Coyle
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