Opposing a trademark application

Posted by Jane on July 18, 2014 / Posted in Trade Marks
Opposing a trademark application – TM7a and TM7

After a trademark application is granted, it is publicised on IPO’s online journal. Prior to this is a 2 month period in which a third party may contest its registration. This can be furthered to 3 months for a party which files and TM7a form (a ‘Notice of threatened opposition’) within the two months.

TM7a forms can only be submitted via IPO online.  There is no fee payable with the form itself.

Unless you are dedicated to filing an opposition, it is not worth doing so. However filing a TM7a form requires no commitment.

If you do not want the extension of the time period but still wish to oppose the registration of the trademark, you can file for a TM7 (‘Notice of opposition’) but this joins hand-in-hand with a £200 fee. The period by which a TM7 form must be filed is 2 months prior to the publication of the application.

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