Quickfire Trade Mark Q and A

Posted by Jane on June 22, 2018 / Posted in Trade Marks
Check your knowlege on trade marks.

Q- What is a trade mark?

A – A trade mark is a logo, phrase or both that should represent your business or goods.

Q- Why should I register my trade mark?

A-  By registering your mark, you have the power to prevent any other person from using your trade mark. This will therefore prevent anyone from pretending they are you and harming your reputation or poaching your customers.

Q- Can anything be a trade mark?

A- No, anything that is offensive or contains protected words or symbols cannot be registered as a trade mark. Also any mark that has already been registered cannot be registered again. In addition, anything descriptive of the goods or services provided will also be refused registration.

Q- What is a trade mark search?

A- A trade mark search is done before you submit an application to ensure your proposed mark is not already being used by someone else. This is vital to ensure that your time and money will not be wasted if your application was refused due to an existing mark

Q- What makes a successful trade mark?

A-  The key to a successful trade mark is distinctiveness. If a mark is directly linked to the products or services it represents, not only does it have a low chance of registration but it also will not stand out from the crowd. Be original to create a strong brand.

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By Ellis Sweetenham

Jane Coyle
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