Scrabble Trademark dispute

Posted by Jane on January 20, 2014 / Posted in Trade Marks
Scrabble Trade Mark Dispute

Zynga, the makers of the popular game ‘Farmville’ have been in a dispute with Scrabble owned by
Mattel; over the use of a name similar to their trade mark. Zynga is the creator of the infringing
game, named ‘Scramble’ with an almost identical game play, as that by the name of Scrabble. The
High Court have ruled that the name ‘Scramble’ is not sufficiently similar to confuse the general
public but the font used by them is clearly made to try and cover up that it is a rip off of the original
board game. The Court ordered that the logo be changed to stop confusion with the board game but
in a more disappointing turn for Mattel, Scramble is still allowed to use the name.
Mattel intend to appeal this decision as it believes that the two marks are too similar and have
confused those who download the game believing it is made by Mattel and not that of Zynga.

Jane Coyle
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