Start ups- be brand aware!

Posted by Jane on February 28, 2013 / Posted in Trade Marks
Start ups- be brand aware!

If you are starting a new business you will not have built up any unregistered rights or reputation. This will make it difficult to prevent others from using the same brand name as you-potentially damaging your brand before you have even got started. It is crucial therefore to apply for a REGISTERED Trade Mark in the country where you will be trading.

Even before you start marketing your brand- do you know that your chosen name is available? Just imagine the scenario…you have spent thousands on a marketing agency and getting your product ready to launch when suddenly you see the same name as your brand on the Internet- arrgh!!!!!!

To avoid this scenario- best to approach the Trademarkroom. We can carry out a number of ‘clearence searches’ to check that you can use your chosen brand. It could save you thousands in the long run.

A plan of action

1. BEFORE you start to market your brand- check out a few chosen names so that if one is not available or suitable you have a back up. How to do this? We can offer a discount on multiple searches and offer advice on the likelihood of obtaining a registered mark.

2. Decide if you also want have a logo as part of your brand (the Nike swoosh is a good example of a logo). We can also search against logos.

3. Apply to register your brand or trademark at the beginning of the commercial process, ideally before you start marketing your product or service. It takes 4-6 months in the UK and about 10 months in the EU to obtain a fully registered mark. So be prepared and have your registered trademark in place before you make it big- hopefully!

There is an initial cost involved but a trade mark lasts for 10 years. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Jane Coyle
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