Top 10 trademarks for 2013

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Everywhere we look, we see trademarks. For example, the trademark that I am using to type this article, ”Microsoft”.

We all have certain expectations that we have from Microsoft. The actual word “Microsoft” gives off a meaning to the consumer: reliability, confidence and consistency. This is what company’s strive and a valuable asset that company’s always are trying to protect.

However, Google has become worried that the term “Google” will become synonymous to the word search. This will result in a loss of its trademark protection and reduce its brand value. Google is now the second most valuable trademark at the moment. Previously, in 2011 it was at number one position, before being taken over by Apple.

Here is the current top 10 standings for 2013:

1.       Apple

Trademark value: $185,071 B
Percentage change from 2012: 1%
Apple has managed to hold the top for 2 years. It continues to be a strong brand to consumers. Apple have been able to create new products effectively with new designs. Because of this, they have kept regular consumers coming back to buy their new products.


2.       Google

Trademark value: $113,669 B

Percentage change from 2012: 5%Google has proved to consumers, across the world, that the company is not based around the search engine. Its expansion of other products online such as Maps and Shopping shows consumers that Google is here to help us with our lives. The consistent expansion into its Android software into tablets and phones has also help consumers realise that Google will influence our lives.


3.       IBM

Trademark value: $112,536 B

Percentage change from 2012: -3%

Despite its decrease n value, IBM still manages to rise up on position. IBM is worldwide known for its outstanding number of services. IBM constantly delivers, every year, to bring a “smarter planet.”


4.       McDonalds

Trademark value: $90,256 B

Percentage change from 2012: -5%

McDonalds has changed over the last couple of years. It has listened to consumers demanding healthier options on their menu. Now, McDonalds have included items such as Oatmeal’s and new fruit selections. Next on the agenda for McDonalds is their expansion in the growing coffee chain business.


5.       Coca-Cola

Trademark Value: $78,145 B

Percentage change from 2012: 6%

Coca-cola is exceptional at being able to change. They are able to keep consumers with them by using different campaigns. For example, their current: “Share your Coke with…” campaign. It will be very interesting to see what Coca-cola can come within the future.

6.       AT&T

Trademark Value: $75,507 B

Percentage change from 2012: 10%

AT&T have the increasing mobile phone consumption to hold responsible for their growth. However when their major deal with the phone was opened to T-Mobile, their overall value did not drop.


7.       Microsoft

Trademark Value: $69,814 B

Percentage change from 2012: -9%

Despite its loss in value, Microsoft on the whole is still in a very good position. Microsoft has always been known for its technology in Personals Computers. However they have recent success with their new software for phones and it’s new tablet.   


8.       Marlboro

Trademark Value: $68,313 B

Percentage change form 2012: -6%

Marlboro has always been in the top 10. The restriction of Smoking in the US has not stopped Marlboro from giving up. Their global market in many countries has lead them to carry on strong.


9.       Visa

Trademark Value: $56,060 B

Percentage change from 2012: 46%

Visa’s massive increase has happened for several reasons. The ever increasing online shopping brands such as Amazon, have led to a massive increase in payments. Also there sponsorship in the London 2012 Olympics have led consumers to use their cards more recently.


10.   China Mobile

Trademark Value: $55,368

Percentage change from 2012: 18%

China Mobile is the largest mobile network in China. Because of China’s large population, the network has become the 10th most valuable company in the world.

By Ayush Arora

Year 10 pupil at The Gregg School Southampton

Jane Coyle
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