A Trademarkroom success story-GripIt Fixings

Posted by Jane on September 21, 2016 / Posted in Trade Marks
An example of how The Trademarkroom has helped a business to successfully protect their brand through our years of expertise and knowledge.

Throughout our years as trade mark specialists, we have had a large number of clients growing from strength to strength after protecting their brand.

However, there has been one business that has hit new heights.

UK Building Products Ltd, otherwise known as GripIt Fixings, began in 2012 after Jordan Daykin, Managing Director, and his granddad failed to fix a blind to a plasterboard wall with existing fixings.

That day the pair created the beginnings of the now globally used product, GripIt fixings to allow for easy fixing of any size or weight to plasterboard. Following a number of years developing, the product was ready to use by industry companies as well as DIY enthusiasts.

As the product was an innovative one, the client first registered a patent to protect it.

Following this, the brand needed to be protected to. This is where The Trademarkroom stepped. Being able to clearly explain the options available to him and the developments as they came, Daykin successfully managed to register both the name ‘GripIt Fixings’ and the logo containing the slogan, ‘The World’s Ultimate Plasterboard Fixing’ in both the UK and the European Union.

This IP savvy approach secured GripIt another level of promotion and expansion when his pitch was accepted and invested in by Deborah Meaden on Dragon’s Den to the tune of £80,000.

Not only did the registering of his trade marks secure the further investment but it will also allow for the development of a secure brand on which a good reputation can develop.

Building a brand is extremely important to any business in this age on constant technology progression as well as continuing pressure to be a step ahead of competitors.

If you want to propel your business forward and register your brand for protection, do not hesitate to contact Jane at The Trademarkroom. You and your business can be another of our success stories.

By Ellis Sweetenham


Jane Coyle
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