Trademarks on social media.

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Trademarks on Social Media. Why you should apply for a trademark to protect yourself online

Trademarks on social media. 


A company’s online presence is vital for a business more so now than ever before. The benefits of being online and possessing social media accounts can be a helpful way of marketing as well as a way of networking with consumers and competition. But, when you activate an account with Facebook or Twitter you are able to choose a username and what if someone has already registered your name, brand or slogan?


If you have a trade mark registered under the name you wish to use on your social media, this can be extremely helpful. On many social media outlets there are ways in which you can report trademark infringement. I found myself looking into this on Facebook and the process seems relatively easy, it is a simple application form, which Facebook will then review and act on as it sees fit.


Although these measure are in place, it is really up to the company to ensure they are pro-active and register their name on social media swiftly. This is because in the event the name you wish to register is taken; there is no incentive for the account holder to turn over the account to you. In this circumstance it can be detrimental to companies and cause confusion amongst consumers diverting traffic away from your accounts. This in essence deflects the idea of having an active social account!


What should I do once I have acquired an account?


Once a business enjoys an online social outlet, they should not assume that others are not going to attempt to copy them. There are many trolls online, whom will attempt to copy businesses names, logos, trademarks and so on. Therefore, it is expected that companies keep an eye out for infringement. After all, there is no trademark police. It is the responsibility of the trade mark owner to enforce his trade mark rights.

Apply to protect your trademark asap before someone else does!


Ellie Adach – Southampton Solent University



Jane Coyle
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