Where shall I register my trade mark?

Posted by Jane on September 01, 2016 / Posted in Trade Marks
The lowdown on the different regions in which you can register your mark. Make sure you choose where is best for you.

UK trade mark

This will allow you to protect your mark against any third party operating in the UK.

Fee and regulating body: £200 for a single application for one class of goods or services. The body to connect with in the UK Intellectual Property Office

Pro: This is a cost effective way of gaining a level of protection over your brand and a good step towards building a reputation

Con: This protection is only limited to the UK therefore if your business is going to expand to other countries, you will need to reconsider your protection.

European Union registration

A newly revolutionised system, applying for protection in the EU allows you to prevent any infringement in all 28 member states of the EU.

Fee and regulating body: The fee is €850 and the newly named body is the EU Intellectual Property Office

Pro: This is a way of gaining widespread protection across 28 member states with one application

Con: With the recent Brexit, this will no longer be an option if you only operate in the UK therefore be sure you will be using your mark properly in the remaining EU member states

International registration

Through the Madrid System, this process allows you to register your mark with global organisations with a single application.

Fee and regulating body: This can differ dramatically depending on the protection you wish to gain.

Pro: Again this is a way of gaining protection in multiple markets through one application

Con: It can be an expensive and time consuming way of gaining protection, therefore you need to be secure in you brand and with your finances.


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By Ellis Sweetenham

Jane Coyle
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