Why choose the Trademarkroom to protect your trademark or brand?

Posted by Jane on November 01, 2013 / Posted in Trade Marks
Why choose TMR?

Businesses in every sector highlight personal objectives. For some, the main objective will be to provide a service at an unrivalled cost. For others, their USP will be their ‘quality’ of service, leading to the inference that their higher prices are justified. It is somewhat undisputed that competition is healthy for the consumer. Competition provides each business with the incentive to keep costs down whilst simultaneously improving their quality of good or service. It is evident that competition has been embraced at Trademarkroom; it has been the driving force behind the creation of an unparalleled service provided at a fiercely competitive price.

Trademarkroom pride themselves on being one of the longest established trade mark specialist companies in the UK. Operating since 1999, their vast experience in the industry allows them to offer expert advice to their clients, working at only the highest of standards. Their offers are innovative, epitomised by their free telephone/email trademark consultation service, theirfree quick trade mark search and also the Absolute Grounds refund*, making it easy to understand how they have achieved a loyal, international client portfolio. In addition to these unique offers, Trademarkroom make clear their desire to extend the service provided even after the registration process has been finalised. This comes in the form of a Free Aftercare service. Trademarkroom are aware that once the application has been filed there may be queries from the relevant Intellectual Property Office; however they are adamant that these queries will be dealt with on your behalf for no extra charge.

Trademarkroom’s international appeal has been bolstered by their affiliation with Waheedan Jariwalla who serves as their US Attorney. Waheedan is experienced in drafting and prosecuting applications for designs and trademark registration within the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Having this link with the United States allows Trademarkroom to boast impressive expertise across the Atlantic, which adds to the already excellent service that they deliver throughout Europe.

A price comparison show that when you compare Trademarkroom’s fees with that of two competitors, as promised, Trademarkroom’s prices are more affordable by a significant margin. There is also the inclusion of discount for multiple orders and there is no extra charge for filing a logo. At Trademarkroom they quite openly state that if you find a genuine lower offer, they will reduce their cost by 10%.

Here are just two of the many testimonials which highlight Trademarkroom’s superior quality of service:

Original Colombian Coffee

Trademarkroom are a company that can be trusted to deliver. In our opinion they are a “cut above the rest”. The level of service and support we received was outstanding right from the first telephone enquiry. All stages of the trademark application process right through to completion were explained clearly in plain English both verbally and via email. Any questions that arose were promptly answered and any issues that arose were swiftly dealt with. This company deals with the detail and ensures that the client is always kept up to date and aware of the status of their application. We were never bombarded with unnecessary information. We cannot recommend Trademarkroom highly enough. Looking around at the competition it does not take long to deduce that Trademarkroom know their business and will support their customer until the job is done and beyond.

George Korolewski
Original Colombian Coffee Ltd


I had learned from bitter past experience just how fraught registration of a trade mark can be, so I have been particularly delighted to encounter the thoughtful and highly professional support of Trademarkroom in the registration of ‘Risk Type Compass’ in Europe and the US. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Geoff Trickey
Managing Director


*If the UK or EU trademark application fails on Absolute Grounds then a refund of their fees will be provided.

Harry Jeffries

Jane Coyle
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