Why you should use the Trademarkroom to protect your brand

Posted by Jane on May 20, 2016 / Posted in Trade Marks
The Trademarkroom can help you protect your brand with a trademark application anywhere in the world. Trademark EU Trademark UK Trademark US

The Trademarkroom was established in 1999. We are a team of solicitors and trainee solicitors who also work at Lawdit solicitors- a firm regulated by the Law Society. The team is led by Jane Coyle who specialises in trademark searching and filing across the globe. Jane has many years experience in filing a trademark internationally and through the EU Trademark system.

What services do the Trademarkroom offer?

A trademark search and advice report should be the first step in securing your brand. We can offer an initial free UK/EU trademark report. This will advise on:

Does your trademark comply with trademark law

What classifications to you need to fully protect your brand

What similar marks are already registered that may cause problems for your business.

Advice reports can be carried out for any country in the world but outside of the UK/EU there will be a charge- in the U.S for example the fee will be £75+VAT. Please contact us for a quote

Trademark application

We can file a trademark anywhere in the world and can utilise either the EUIPO system which protects your brand in 28 member states or through the Madrid Protocol and over 90 countries are signed up to this. Costs do depend on a number of factors such as the number of classes you need- so best to contact us for a quote.

US Trademark

We have our own U.S Trademark Attorney so we can file your US or Canadian trademark direct.

Trademark monitoring

Once your trademark is registered then we should keep an eye on it! For an annual fee we can monitor trademark databases to check to see if similar marks need to be challenged. If so we can advise you on the merits of your ccase.

We offer free on going support and guidance throughout the life of your brand. We love talking to clients about thier new business projects and will work hard for your in protecting what's yours. Protect your brand with a trademark and don't let others benefit from your hard work.



Jane Coyle
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