Do I need a trademark?

Do I need a trademark? If you are operating a business and trying to grow while staying one step ahead of your competitors then you will certainly benefit from having a registered trade mark. This will help your goods or services stand out from the competition and will give them a unique identity. A registered trade mark will also protect you against competitors seeking to lure away customers by using similar branding to yours.
A registered trade mark gives you the exclusive right to use your mark for your goods or services. You will also be able to place the ® symbol next to it to prevent others from using your mark. Your competitors will not be able to take advantage of the ® symbol, as using it against anything other than a registered trade mark is a criminal offence.

It is entirely possible to use a trade mark which is unregistered, although enforcing your rights is much less straightforward and can be more expensive. Registering your trade mark will make it easier to take action against infringers.
It is a common misconception that trade marks are only for large businesses or for those who operate in certain markets. This is not true! No matter which market your business operates in or how big it is, a registered trade mark is essential for protecting your brand identity, for helping your business to stand out and adding value to what you do.
A trade mark is a valuable investment and is the best way to protect your brand. If you have a distinctive company name or you have recently purchased a domain name then it is essential that you also register a trade mark. In the event of a dispute arising, a registration at Companies House will not be offer much help.